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INFORMATION and COSTs – Winter to Spring 2019 Safari -What the tour consists of on the Bansko 4×4 Safari #Bansko #Safari #info #cost

The 3 hour trip / experience

A Tour for 3+ hours (half day)

1, 2 or up to 4 persons is 300 leva per trip not per person
5-6 persons 350 leva per trip not per person

See Trip Adviser, “the most fun you can have in a jeep”….. A TRUE 5***** experience

See the views around Bansko – a truly exhilarating holiday tour – see Trip Adviser for all of our reviews.

The Jeep – UAZ (ex Russian Milatary jeep)
It can take up to 4 adults (clients / persons / guests), excluding the driver – (up to 6 if small children – due to weight)

The Jeep is without a roof so it’s *weather permitting on the day of the safari (its not so much fun in a Snow Storm or in the rain)

Tours are possible by arrangement / appointment

3 hour trip – if clients want to stop for a drink or snack then we have a few places we can recommend such as Dobrinishte or Banya time permitting

*ALL DAY Safari (6/7 hours) for up to 4 persons
475 leva and up to 6 persons 500 leva

All Safari’s are by appointment.
Typical Excursion; Pick you up directly at 9am (10am if its particularly cold on the day, its slightly warmer by 10am!!) from your Chalet or Hotel, drive from Bansko to Dobrinishte cross country. On the way stop for a cultural visit to the Church up in the Mountains and visit the Archaeological site / Excavations. Then walk a short way to a fantastic viewing point near the top of the water fall, great views to be had (it’s a great photo opportunity) then walk down to the Waterfall. Then over to Banya of if the full day back in the Jeep to Dobrinishte (for a warm up) see the town. If time clients have time to buy a hot drink / beer, a snack if they would like to. Then back in the Jeep, 4×4 over to Banya, through a stream and then a river, potential if time to stop at a small Cafe at the Banya baths (snack / hot drink) and then back to Bansko via the secret lake.

*All Day Safari; On this trip you do the excursion as explained above but we also if we have time go up into the Hills on logging trails so its 4x4ing and getting right into the hills and mountains. Sometimes we do not see anybody, just nature and the “logging track”.

NOTE; The jeep is open and you are exposed to the elements, sun, warm, cold, rain. A Winter Jacket, Hat and Gloves are recomended as you will be outside all day (Summer Safari’s – rain jacket (just in case) sun cream and water are advised on the day.

Also we recommend walking Shoes or Boots are worn on the day to visit the Archaeological remains, Church & Water falls.

To BOOK email or call

To Book I require,
1. Your name, the date that you would like the Safari
2. How many are you, 1 to 6
3. A mobile telephone number that you will be using when in Bansko including any international dial code
4.The name and address of the Hotel or Apartment complex you are staying at
5.Which do you require, the half day or the full day tour

Or call 0885013246 – Phillip – Viber and whatsapp 00359885013246

PLEASE NOTE note the Safari is weather dependent so if it is Snowing or raining on the day then we would have to rearrange another day, doing a Safari in the rain would not be a pleasant experience as the Jeep has no Roof and you would get quite wet.